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CFO of Venteri Capital Strengthens Global Network in London

London, June 2024 - In a strategic move to bolster global partnerships and enhance access to promising startup deal flow, the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Venteri Capital, Savva S Argyros, embarked on a 3-day visit to London. The visit underscores the firm’s commitment to expanding its investor network and solidifying its presence in the global venture capital landscape.

Savva's itinerary included a series of meetings with associates and executives from venture capital funds, accelerators, communities and financial advisors based in London. The discussions focused on collaborative investment opportunities, sharing market insights in emerging UK and European startups.

"London remains a pivotal hub for innovation and investment, strengthening our ties here is crucial for accessing high-quality deal flow," Savva stated. "Our goal is to build a robust network that not only enhances our investment capabilities but also supports the growth of startups on an international scale."

A highlight of the trip were the discussions on the future of the venture capital space considering the economy is on the verge of experiencing it's first interest rate cut (US and Europe) in years and how that will impact funding and the venture capital ecosystem.

"Expanding our network in London is not just about accessing startups, it's also about forging partnerships that bring diverse perspectives and expertise to the same table," Savva emphasized. "By working closely with our partners here, we can better support our portfolio companies and help them navigate the complexities of scaling globally."

As the venture capital space becomes more competitive, firms like Venteri Capital are proactively seeking collaborations that can provide a strategic edge. Savva's visit to London is expected to pave the way for more joint ventures, increased deal flow and a stronger global presence.

Venteri Capital Invests in the Future of African Technology with Startupbootcamp AfriTech 2023/24

Dakar, December 2023 - Venteri Capital is excited to share their involvement in supporting and funding the Startupbootcamp AfriTech Cohort 4 2023/2024.


Startupbootcamp AfriTech ("SBC") has unveiled the Top 10 finalists for its highly anticipated ASIP Accelerator Program. The Top 10 companies were selected after a lengthy and detailed selection process of over 1,800 applications. Following a 3-day Virtual Final Selection Day event, attended by nearly 40 mentors, investors, partners and industry experts, these startups were selected for their groundbreaking solutions spanning diverse sectors. Venteri Capital looks forward to witnessing the impact these startups will have on their communities and countries as they embark on their journey with the ASIP Accelerator Program.


The Top 10 startups will now participate in an intense 3-month accelerator program, during which they will receive invaluable mentorship, guidance, resources and access to a network of industry experts and investors.

“The Startupbootcamp Afritech ASIP Accelerator Cohort 4 selection period definitely had a lot of surprises and many firsts,” says Program Director Henry Ojuor. “For example, AI emerged as one of the top sectors in our application pool. Also, 26% of all the startups that applied are in the growth stage. Major positive signals for the African Tech ecosystem. That didn’t make our job of selecting the final Top 10 easier however, but we delivered nonetheless. I’m optimistic that we’ve assembled and are ready to accelerate Africa’s future success stories.”

The ASIP Accelerator Program powered by SBC AfriTech is dedicated to providing the guidance and support necessary for these promising startups to scale their businesses and achieve long-term success. SBC AfriTech is committed to growing the number of female founders in the ecosystem, and has co-authored the African Gender Diversity Pledge. The Top 10 companies selected also boast that 60% of the startups in Cohort 4 have at least 1 female co-founder.

Venteri Capital Invests in Promising Start-up out of Cyprus, 
Moving Doors

Limassol, December 2023 - In a significant move that underscores the growing global influence of the Mediterranean startup ecosystem, Venteri Capital has announced its investment in Moving Doors, alongside two other European based venture capital funds. This investment marks Venteri Capital's first foray into the Cypriot market and highlighting the firm's strategic vision of tapping into emerging hubs of innovation.

Moving Doors provides a network of conveniently located, fully furnished and beautifully designed apartments, with its fully curated network of apartments, it transforms the experience of city living and relocation for travellers, business professionals, and digital nomads making it easy to move between different cities and neighborhoods, fostering diversity of experiences.

Moving Doors is led by a phenomenal management team, headed by Demetri Papadopoulos, the young and talented CEO and co-founder.

This investment is a landmark moment for the Cypriot startup ecosystem. It not only validates the potential of Cypriot innovation on the global stage but also opens doors for other startups in the region to attract international venture capital. Cyprus, known for its strategic location and favorable business environment, is fast becoming a hotspot for tech-driven startups and Venteri Capital's investment is likely to accelerate this trend.

Venteri Capital's investment in Moving Doors marks the beginning of an exciting journey for both entities. This milestone investment sets a promising precedent for future collaborations and underscores the limitless potential of innovation emerging from Cyprus.

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