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Our Portfolio

At Venteri Capital, we are proud of our portfolio of investments. We carefully analyze and evaluate each investment opportunity to ensure that we only partner with startups that have elite leadership and a high potential for growth.


We take pride in the success stories of the startups we have funded and are committed to continuing to help entrepreneurs achieve their goals.

Moving Doors

Real Estate: PropTech, Medium-Term Rental

Moving Doors provides a network of conveniently located, fully furnished and beautifully designed apartments.


With its fully curated network of apartments, it transforms the experience of city living and relocation for travelers, business professionals, and digital nomads making it easy to move between different cities and neighborhoods, fostering diversity of experiences.

Home Deck

Primed E-Health

Healthcare: FinTech

Digifying Healthcare one click at a time.


Primed E-Health provides digital payments over its SaaS system for more than 40 hospitals and 1.5M patients across Africa. Primed E-Health also sells smart-cards to patients with integrated wallets allowing them to access healthcare services without queues and improving their overall experience by providing a mobile App to book appointments and make payments to hospitals or doctors in the network.

Screenshot 2023-11-17 at 08.39.35.png
Screenshot 2023-11-18 at 17.37.16.png


E-Commerce: Logistics

Powering last-mile logistics.

Messenger streamlines logistics by offering financial resources to operators like riders and drivers. Messenger connects these riders and drivers with businesses for efficient last-mile deliveries, enabling trade and commerce to thrive.

Screenshot 2023-11-18 at 17.31.09.png
Screenshot 2023-11-18 at 17.36.38.png

Beta Sunlight

Renewable Energy: CleanTech

Power for everyone.

Beta Sunlight's innovative solar-powered banking solution addresses the problem of financial exclusion in off-grid communities in Nigeria. Beta Sunlight establishes solar-powered banking hubs, providing reliable and sustainable financial services to the unbanked.

The approach integrates renewable energy, customizes services for local needs and brings mobile banking directly to communities, supporting economic growth and scalability.

Floating Solar Panels
Screenshot 2023-11-18 at 17.46.34.png


Education: EdTech

Edusko offers a web-based, one-stop platform that matches kids with the right k-12 private schools and finance their education affordably. The solution allows parents to compare good schools allowing for an informed decisions, access tuition discounts, access low-interest tuition finance and enroll their wards with ease.

Students Taking Exams

10mg Pharma

Healthcare: FinTech

Chronic pain medication poses a growing concern.


The challenge of managing chronic pain in Africa is made more difficult by high medication costs, low insurance coverage, and a lack of funding for healthcare providers. Our solution uses an AI algorithm to connect healthcare providers with financing partners who meet specific criteria.


This allows for bulk medication purchases and savings of up to 15% that are passed on to patients. This approach makes pain management more accessible and affordable, especially for those in rural areas

Buying Medication


Finance: FinTech

Quick and easy merchant payments using NFC and QR Code technology.

Kori Tech established KORIPASS, an E-wallet linked to physical payment accessories like bracelets, stickers, or keychain. No internet or smartphone required.

Users without smartphones can visit a KORIPASS merchant, open an account, link their preferred accessory and fund it with cash. Otherwise, do it with their app. To pay, the user simply taps the payment accessory (keychain, stickers or bracelet) on the merchant terminal. It’s that easy!


The payment accessories also offer additional merchant services like customer loyalty programs, subscription management and change dispensing.

Catching Up



Real Estate: AI Pricing Engine

Getting an estimate and finishing your home projects has never been easier. Using the Patent Pending Smart Quote and Algorithmic pricing engine with “Pay as You Go” Business Model.

Ostafandy system can adapt to any new market with its scalable framework using the Smart Quote and Algorithmic Pricing Engine. It can test the service providers remotely and is 80% automated, assisting in the user obtaining the suitable price and a fully customized quote. Ostafandy has an innovative protocol to onboard high quality service providers remotely with a pricing system that can adapt to any new market easily.

Floor Sanding
Screenshot 2023-11-20 at 20.44.48.png


Healthcare: HealthTech

LyfPlus is a telemedicine platform that integrates virtual physician consultation, medical testing and e-prescription.


The platform, which allows patients to access essential medical services instantly and conveniently, is a web and mobile application covering all aspects of the patient process. Patients find doctors based on specialty, distance and price range. They are also able to book tests and appointments and interact through video consultations with their chosen doctors.

Medical Specialists
Screenshot 2024-01-18 at 08.25.37.png

Munakgola Agrofresh

Agriculture: AgriTech

Solar powered storage for agriculture produce.

Agrifresh provides solar powered cold storage preservation units, "Cold Hives", to small farmers and market vendors. These "Cold Hives" extend the shelf life of perishable produce from the usual 2 days to 21 days and each unit reduces 198 tonnes of CO2 emissions each year. 

munakyalo agrofresh .png

Finance: FinTech

A professional digital wallet and payment system for businesses.


Babimo provides a digital payment system allowing B2B merchants to seamlessly transact with each other, from small to large merchants, instantly and seamlessly.

Screenshot 2024-01-18 at 08.52.51.png
Screenshot 2024-01-18 at 08.48.46.png


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